About us

Ekran Resmi 2018-04-26 19.39.11

Enjoy breakfast in the Bosphorus with “Yeniköy Emek Cafe”

Yeniköy Emek Café, one of the favorite places besides the Bosphorus view, wishes you a nice day with our delicious menemen, unique crispy patty, tasty cream, traditional Turkish breakfast and famous fragrant Turkish coffee.

Yeniköy Emek Cafe, which was restored as a coffee shop by our grandfather Osman Özbaşı in 1965, was an old-fashion coffee shop where the Yeniköy tradesmen, pensioners, fishermen gathered and chatted. Now it has become one of the iconic places of Yeniköy where our guests from all walks come and enjoy our delicious menus. We were able to have a privileged place in Yeniköy with the feeling of deep conversation, a day-to-day experience of generations shared, and a warm, blend of history.

Specially prepared omelets, grill types and our desserts for our guests to start the day happily were one of the reasons that made us special.

We are always at your service, as it has been over 50 years to provide you a special day to share with your loved ones and welcome you with our unique Bosphorus view.